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Franchise World Wide Services works for those ENTREPRENEUR who wants to buy a franchise for a domestic or an international brand. We consult those who want to sell out their own brands nationwide or wants to themselves to be introduced internationally or national. Franchise World Wide Services has helped many investors in selecting a right franchise. We have a strong background in Real Estate. We have been working for many of the malls, colonizers, builders Real Estate brokers for leasing, buying and selling up their properties.



I started my business from real estate advisory. It soon turned into Franchise business. We work on the HUNDRED PERCENT SATISFACTION of our client. We had this as our main motto. Whenever a successful franchise takes place we say a successful entrepreneur is born. I started it as a real estate broker and now I have more than 1000 brokers who work for us. We had turned out many dreams into our successful projects. All my divisions are having been profitable for both brand as well as investor. We work on a strategy of our own and we consult the investor through our successful franchising method. I believe in only one thing that is SATISFACTION of my client. Whether it is the brand or our investor. We are focused to our target and we have been achieving it through our four successful keys.

I would thank all my investors, group members, franchisors, and all our clients for their support. We feel happy for serving our quality and client satisfaction!


Gaurav Arora

Managing Director

Franchise Worldwide Services




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